How to Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring

The cold months are over and warmer days are ahead. Have you prepared your home for spring? You should make sure that everything is not only clean but has survived the dead of winter. 

How to Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring

A leading roofing contractor shares tips on how you can transition your home from winter to spring. 

Bring Life to Your Interior With Plants and Blooms

You can place bright flowers on a bookcase or shelf to brighten up a room. Consider adding green planters in modern space. For your dining area, consider placing a tall vase containing a bouquet of tall branches. You can also add a bowl of fruit for a pop of color. 

Consider Getting New Windows 

Aside from having your old roofing system replaced, consider getting new windows to update the look of your home and boost its energy efficiency. Old, leaky windows will cause your HVAC system to work harder than it should, resulting in higher energy costs. Also, many of today’s windows can brighten up your home while protecting your belongings from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Get a brighter, fresher home by investing in high-quality windows. 

Use Light and Airy Curtains

It’s time to keep heavy drapes and dark curtains in your attic or basement. For an airy feel, hang sheer curtains in neutral hues or patterns. If privacy is an issue, you can combine sheer curtains with lighter, solid curtain panels. 

Don’t Forget About the Bathroom

Since bathrooms aren’t usually that big, they are the easiest rooms to transition from season to season. You can start by replacing the shower curtain with a lighter-colored one. Add bright and colorful towels and add a large tree planter if you have space. It would also be nice to place some colorful candles on the counters. 

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