How Often Should You Wash Your Windows?

Windows can affect the overall look, appeal, protection and energy efficiency of your home. To keep them in good condition, they must be maintained and cleaned regularly. Depending on where you live, your windows may be exposed to more dirt and other debris. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Windows?

Learn how often you should clean your windows from one of the area’s leading window companies

The Importance of Window Cleaning

Poor maintenance or neglect can cause your windows to be more prone to damage. It can also reduce the lifespan of the units. Also, dust and grime buildup can leave scratches in the window glass, which can allow more debris to attach to the windows. 

Dust and dirt on the window can block your outdoor view and prevent natural light from entering your home. Clear windows can brighten up your home and make you less dependent on artificial lighting, which results in lower energy costs. Your houseplants may also suffer and die with the lack of sunlight indoors. Regularly cleaning your windows ensures that they don’t have cobwebs and debris that can attract pests. However, if cleaning isn’t enough to restore the appearance of the units or if they are damaged, a window replacement may be necessary. 

How Often Should You Clean Windows?

Depending on where you live, it’s recommended to schedule professional window cleaning annually. Those who live in areas prone to heavy rains should have their windows cleaned before and after the rainy season.

Keep in mind that some windows become dirty easier than others, meaning they would have to be cleaned more often. For example, windows that are facing a dirt road or a construction site will need more cleaning to protect the glass. 

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