Can New Windows Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

You can get more than just a more appealing home with new windows. Replacing outdated windows can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. It can also help keep your home comfortable all-year-round. 

Can New Windows Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency?

Read on to find out how new windows can boost your home’s energy efficiency. 

Why Get New Windows?

Energy-efficient windows can save you a significant amount on energy costs. Modern units can increase your home’s energy efficiency by at least 30 percent. You can even get more savings when you integrate green design in your home, such as passive solar heating, thermal mass and natural lighting. 

Installation costs for new windows are very similar, whether you go for energy-efficient products or not. You might as well invest in high-performance replacement windows that can give you more benefits. Moreover, green options aren’t only more energy-efficient but low-maintenance and don’t have as much impact on the environment.  

Features of Energy-Efficient Windows

The multiple panes of energy-efficient windows can lower your heating costs by up to 15 percent. Low-E coatings stop heat loss during winter and prevent heat gain during summer. This feature can make a huge difference in your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. 

The frame of your new windows can also affect how energy-efficient it can be. For instance, aluminum and steel frames aren’t as energy-efficient as vinyl and fiberglass counterparts. Moreover, high-quality windows can help brighten and open up a room. You also won’t need to depend as much on artificial lighting, reducing your utility costs. 

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