A New Air Leakage Standard From ASTM International

In 2017, a new test method and standard from ASTM International was established to help prevent air leakage in and around commercial roofing systems. This standard quantified air leakage in roof assemblies, so it helped support code compliance and helped builders better construct sustainable and energy-efficient roof assemblies. Kroll Construction, one of the leading local roofing companies, explains more:

A New Air Leakage Standard From ASTM International

The New ASTM Air Leakage Standard

ASTM International develops globally recognized voluntary consensus standards to help improve product quality, build consumer confidence and enhance health and safety. Their standards and test methods help consumers determine the quality and performance of the products they buy. In 2017, they introduced a new method that will help prevent air leakage in low-sloped membrane roof assemblies.

The method is a laboratory technique that quantifies air leakage in roof assemblies and also accounts for the wind fatigue expected during the service life of a roof. It does this by simulating negative air pressure differences. It is hoped that by following this new standard, roofing manufacturers can make more energy-efficient and sustainable roof assemblies. As a roofing expert, Kroll Construction makes sure to use high-quality roofing materials that follow strict standards for our projects.

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