A Guide to Today’s Most Popular Siding Profiles

You have a wide range of options when it comes to the colors and finishes of your home’s siding. However, it’s also important to choose a profile that complements the rest of your exterior. 

A Guide to Today’s Most Popular Siding Profiles

Here’s a quick guide to some of today’s most popular siding profiles from a trusted provider of replacement windows and siding. 

Horizontal Profiles

Traditional Lap – In this profile, siding boards are partly placed on top of each other, creating a water barrier. It’s also the simplest pattern and the easiest to install. This siding option is cost-effective and considered a traditional siding profile. 

Dutch Lap – Dutch lap siding is like traditional lap siding but it features a groove cut out of the top of each board. It’s just as an effective water barrier as traditional lap siding. The grooves of this siding profile offer more textural contrast across the surface of a home’s exterior because the panels cast more of a shadow on the grooved panel beneath it. 

Beaded – Beaded siding is the more textured version of lap siding. This siding profile has a bead at the bottom of each horizontal board, creating a more textured surface than traditional lap siding. When getting a new siding, also consider a window replacement to complete the look of your home’s exterior. 

Vertical Profiles

Panel Siding – Vertical panel siding is just like traditional lap siding but with a vertical orientation. Once installed, it looks quite flat and panels are layered on top of each other with their surfaces flushed. 

Board and Batten – This siding profile originated from wood siding but today it’s available in materials like vinyl and fiber cement. In board and batten profile, vertical boards are installed with battens that cover gaps, forming a surface that effectively resists and sheds water. 

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