5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Buying a House

You’ve saved up enough money to buy a new home, so don’t spoil this momentous event by purchasing a problematic property. Here are five valuable and money-saving questions to ask before buying a new house.

Ask Before Buying a House

Question 1: How Old Is the House?

Aged properties may cost less because of their decades-old issues. These may include corroded and cracked plumbing lines, heating and insulation problems, and limited infrastructure to support modern electrical and communication wiring systems. Get a full report from the homeowner and a local roofing specialist who may have overseen the property’s roof in the past.

Question 2: When Was the Last Roof Inspection?

The roof and structural condition of properties have a massive effect on the price. The latest roofing inspection will reveal the property’s underlying issues and if its condition, materials and capability can justify the home’s asking price. Upon reading the seller’s roof report, you can more accurately assess the roof’s condition and make an informed decision.

Question 3: Is the Warranty Coverage Active and Transferrable?

Roofs can suffer from unexpected damage, making warranties crucial. Home sellers have their names listed on the warranties, so they’ll need to transfer the warranty to you upon your purchasing the property. Most manufacturers allow warranty transfers but do confirm this with the home seller and the roof’s manufacturer beforehand.

Question 4: What is the Roof Material?

You can expect home prices to increase with premium roofing materials. For example, you can get above-average home prices with properties that have new asphalt shingle roofs. Alternatively, prices can get higher than above average if the listed property has clay tiles, for example.

Question 5: How Much Did You Pay for the Roof Installation?

Home sellers who have recently renovated their properties will increase their asking price for this exact reason. To confirm and justify the added price, you can ask them for the full roofing installation costs that they paid. In addition, ask if you can see the renovation costs for the property and construction costs for adding sheds, patio decks and other features.

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