Proper Gutter Sizing: A Quick Overview

New gutters are much like replacement windows in that certain things must be considered before finally choosing the best ones that fit your home. One of these vital aspects includes sizing. Read on as we discuss the basics of proper gutter sizing and the importance of getting the right gutter measurements.

Proper Gutter Sizing: A Quick Overview

How Gutters Are Sized

When sizing gutters, three factors are considered. These are the following:

  • Roof’s Square Footage – Also known as the roof’s surface area, it can be obtained from the roof installation plans. Otherwise, it is manually measured.

  • Roof Pitch – Gutter sizing takes the roof’s slope into account. It is measured using a 2-foot level and a standard-length tape measure. Generally, a steeper roof requires larger gutters.

  • Rainfall – Another consideration is the amount of rainfall the local area receives every year. Described in inches per hour, the data is usually provided by the National Weather Service. More rainfall means larger gutters are needed.

Complex measurements may need to be carried out to determine the proper gutter size for your home, which is why you need to hire a trusted gutter and window replacement contractor.

The Importance of Gutter Sizing

Proper gutter sizing is vital so that rainwater runoff is directed away from your home more efficiently. If the gutters are too narrow, they may overflow, become clogged and get damaged more easily. If they are too wide, water may collect inside. Ultimately, improper gutter sizing can result in moisture damage to your home’s exterior components, including your roof, siding and windows. Not addressing this issue can also lead to costly repairs or replacement.

In addition to being one of the top window companies in the area, Kroll Construction also has extensive experience in designing and installing gutter systems. We take all aspects of your roofing system into account to successfully integrate the entire component, including calculations of maximum water flow based on roof area and pitch. We then design a gutter system that includes durable, seamless gutter troughs, secure mounting systems, properly sized and sealed miter corner and end caps, and downspouts large enough to hold heavy water flow.

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