How Can You Benefit from Gutter Protection Systems?

Gutter protection systems are considered accessories by many people. Considering their benefits, it’s a wonder that gutter protection systems are not made as standard gutter components. In today’s post, gutter and replacement windows contractor Kroll Construction shares a look at how gutter protection systems benefit your home.

How Can You Benefit from Gutter Protection Systems?

How Gutter Protection Systems Work

A typical gutter system features open-faced gutter troughs that catch rainwater as it falls from the roof’s edge. It also catches leaves and debris, which can result in clogged gutters that lead to overflowing gutters, as well as ice dams during winter.

Gutter protection systems are installed on top of gutter troughs to prevent leaves and debris from getting in. Some types of gutter protection systems, like Gutterglove® have a mesh-like top that functions like a filter. Others, like Gutter Cap, have a solid top and use surface tension to push rainwater to the gutters and shed everything else to the ground for later cleaning.

Benefits of Gutter Protection Systems

A gutter protection system helps keep rainwater in the gutters where it belongs, which leads to many benefits, including preventing damage to windows, siding and house foundations. There are, however, two main benefits that can be derived solely from a gutter protection system:

It Keeps the Gutters Clear — Gutter protection systems help keep your gutters clear, making them more efficient. While gutters are sized to accommodate heavy downpours (based on the highest recorded rainfall in the area), they won’t be as efficient if full of leaves and debris. It also helps keep the water that ends up in the downspouts clean. If you happen to have a rainwater collection system, this will help you collect clean water at a faster rate.

It Helps Reduce Maintenance Requirements — Gutters generally require cleaning and maintenance twice a year, during which you have to scoop out leaves and debris, flush out everything else, and apply new caulk to joints and seams. Blisters or peeling paint, caused by scratches made by sharp twigs and similar objects, will also have to be recoated to prevent corrosion. A gutter protection system eliminates the need for most of these tasks, which not only makes it easier to maintain your gutters, but also saves you money in maintenance costs.

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