Gutter Installation: Why You Should Hire a Pro

A homeowner who’s handy with tools and doesn’t have a problem working at heights will probably be able to replace a few missing shingles or broken flashings. You might even be able to install a new gutter. However, that doesn’t guarantee that your work will be as clean and effective as the work of a professional. 


Gutter Installation: Why You Should Hire a Pro


There’s a reason we call in the pros whenever we need window replacement or a new gutter. You can determine whether your gutter needs cleaning, repair or replacement by observing these:

Overflow. Your gutters are designed to handle large amounts of rainwater and snowmelt. Unless the storm is particularly strong, you shouldn’t see any overflowing gutters. The most common reason behind overflowing gutters is a clog due to debris buildup. Clearing a gutter or a downspout is not that difficult, but for safety reasons, it’s always better to call a pro. 

Leaks. Leaks mean there’s a broken area in your gutters. Just like overflows, leaks are bad news for any part of your home that receives all that water, including your siding and your new  replacement windows. While you can probably patch that up, a growing leak is usually a sign that your gutter needs replacing.

Pooling Water. Gutters are designed to drain into the downspouts that direct water away from your home and into a drain. This protects your home from water damage. If the pitch of your gutters is wrong, however, water can pool. This often leads to problems with the added weight. It also ushers in water damage. The water can also harbor bacteria and mosquito larvae.

Poor Condition. Gutters in generally poor condition don’t only affect their own functionality; they also affect your home’s aesthetics and lower its value. Broken, rusty, peeling gutters that are pulling away from your home are extremely unsightly.

A Job for Professionals

Before you try to DIY your way around a broken gutter, you should know that it’s a challenging task that’s better left in the hands of a trained gutter installer.

First, you have to know which type of gutter is best for your home. This involves choosing the right size, material, and style. This can be challenging even if a pro is helping you, but at least with a pro, you get free advice on what will work.

Measuring the slope of the gutter is even more complicated. Gutters might seem like they’re completely parallel to the roofline, but they do have a slope to ensure water drainage. A pitch of ¼ inch per 10 feet of gutter is common. If the gutter is long, however, the pitch should begin in the middle.

Gutters are placed a few inches lower than the roof, not exactly on the roofline. You don’t want rainwater entering your roof and destroying fascia boards. You also need to install flashing correctly. If you do this wrong, your gutters will cause water damage instead of preventing it. 

DIY gutter replacement also comes with slip and fall risks. Professionals have the equipment and the experience to reduce those risks.

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