Gutter Inspections: Signs to Watch Out for All Year Round

Your home needs a working gutter system throughout the year, so it only makes sense to keep an eye on things that may diminish its performance. Gutter and roofing company Kroll Construction shares the things you should watch out for when inspecting your gutters.

Gutter Inspections: Signs to Watch Out for All Year Round

How Often Should You Inspect Your Gutters?

There is no substitute for scheduled care and maintenance performed by a gutter professional. However, gutter inspection is a task that you can do easily and safely, without using complicated tools. In fact, you can perform inspections—and clean your gutters while you’re at it—using waterproof work gloves, a stable ladder and a safety harness.

Gutter inspection should be conducted after the winter thaw, and then again before winter sets in. An additional inspection should be done after every storm, making sure that all signs of damage you may find are addressed by a gutter professional. Gutter and roofing companies offer maintenance agreements, which can save you time in making appointments. It can also make sure you don’t miss out on gutter inspections.

Signs to Look Out For

Gutters are subjected to large amounts of stress, particularly if rainfall and snowfall are higher than normal. Watch out for signs of wear and tear, such as dents, chipped paint and loose joints. The gutters could get knocked out of alignment, and standing water in the gutters is one sign of it. Pay attention to the gutter joints if the sealant is worn out, as it may require replacement.

One reason why you need waterproof work gloves is that you won’t want to scoop out accumulated dirt and debris from the gutters with your bare hands. Pine needles are particularly problematic as they can lodge themselves anywhere, including the gaps between roofing shingles. You may want to consider upgrading to seamless gutters with bigger troughs if your gutters tend to quickly get filled with leaves, dirt and debris. Alternatively, gutter protection systems like GutterGlove can help keep your gutters clear all year round.

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