Common Factors to Consider When Getting New Gutters

The gutters are crucial parts of your roofing system that divert the water runoff away from your home to prevent your home from getting flooded and water-damaged. If you’re thinking of getting new gutters now, it’s important to consult with a trusted roofing company and discuss which type of gutters are best for your home. You’ll also need to consider other factors such as:

Common Factors to Consider When Getting New Gutters

Material Costs 

Paying for cheaper materials doesn’t always mean you’re getting a good deal out of it. You might be considering plastic or vinyl since they’re one of the cheapest on the market, but they’re prone to cracks and leaks at the seams over time and they’re not good in colder climates. If you’re thinking about zinc and aluminum gutters, their prices often vary but can be a good investment since they’re easier to maintain. Just keep in mind that aluminum can bend and dent easily while zinc is vulnerable to acid and salt damage.

Steel and copper are some of the most durable materials around, and they’ll last you many years with minimal wear and tear. But some steel gutters can be a bit heavy for roofs when installed, while copper gutters can only be installed properly by an experienced contractor from reputable roofing companies.

Labor and Installation Costs

Because different contractors charge different amounts, labor costs are often location-dependent and they’re not the best indicator of quality. The labor cost also depends on the size of your roof, its pitch, and the amount of time it takes to complete an installation. For instance, a professional gutter installer would take around seven hours to install a 50-foot section of gutters.

Replacing your old gutters will cost slightly more since your hired installer will have to remove and dispose of them properly. You can try and save on your installation price if you choose to only replace your old or damaged gutters, but it’s more cost-effective to get a full replacement at a single time instead of replacing each part of your old gutters several times.

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