4 Reasons to Choose Seamless Gutter Systems

Seamless gutters solve many problems inherent to traditional sectional gutters. In today’s post, local gutter and roofing company Kroll Construction counts down the reasons why you should choose seamless gutters for your home.

4 Reasons to Choose Seamless Gutter Systems

1. Custom Fit — Seamless gutters feature troughs that match the length of the roof’s edge, with each length is crafted on-site, resulting in a clean and appealing look. Additionally, custom lengths also help reduce waste gutter trimmings, as well as prevent common mistakes such as the installers bringing the wrong size or profile.

2. Fewer Chances of Clogging — Twigs and pine needles can easily get trapped by joints and seams in sectional gutter troughs. These small components can trap more dirt and debris overtime, resulting in damming, clogging and eventually overflowing. The chances of the same happening to a seamless gutter system is slim to none because there are no joints and seams for twigs to get trapped in. Roofing companies recommend seamless gutters because they pose less risk of damage to the roof edge.

3. Less Maintenance — Another common problem that’s associated with segmented gutters is corrosion, which usually happens when caulk and outer coatings get worn out. Seamless gutters have far lower maintenance requirements thanks to its lack of joints and seams. Seamless gutters also feature durable factory-applied outer coatings that are designed to withstand the manufacturing process, as well as daily wear and tear. Choosing corrosion-resistant options such as aluminum and copper, as well as installing gutter protection systems like GutterGlove®, can further reduce maintenance requirements.

4. Longer Service Life — Ultimately, all of the above features contribute to seamless gutter longevity and hassle-free years of service. We understand that its upfront cost is relatively higher compared to traditional sectional gutters. But when you consider its lifetime cost, the savings from fewer maintenance appointments, and the less likelihood of having to call for roof and gutter repairs are worth it. Seamless gutters can also improve your home’s value, which may favor for your insurance premiums.

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