The Benefits of Installing Gutter Protection Systems

Gutter cleaning is one of those tasks that nobody can honestly say they’re looking forward to doing. The good news is, there is a solution. In today’s post, gutter and window replacement company Kroll Construction discusses the benefits of installing gutter protection systems.

The Benefits of Installing Gutter Protection Systems

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutters catch rainwater as it pours off the roof edge. Since gutters have open tops, other things can get into the gutter troughs: dirt, leaves, twigs, needles and insects, to name a few. Too much of them can result in clogged gutters, which is why homeowners need to have their gutters cleaned periodically. Leaving clogged gutters as they are can result in corrosion, as well as damage to the roof and house foundations.

Gutter protection systems are attachments that are designed to separate solid matter from rainwater and keep the gutter troughs clear. A well-designed gutter protection system should allow no water overflow and help reduce your gutter maintenance requirements. 

Types of Gutter Protection Systems

Gutter and window companies offer gutter protection systems in different styles and configurations, but they can be classified into two types.

In-gutter — These are products that are placed inside gutter troughs, which are typically lengths of brush, sponge or some other porous material. They can keep large objects like leaves out of the gutters but are not as effective on smaller ones like asphalt shingle granules and needles. In some cases, in-gutter products can cause clogging.

On-gutter — These are attachments that cover the top of the gutter troughs. Some are designed like hoods that shed solid objects to the ground, while others are like filters. Yet others like GutterGlove® are a combination of both — the screen layer allows even large amounts of rainwater straight into the gutters, while its angled profile allows most kinds of debris to fall to the ground which also helps reduce strain on the gutter hangers.

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