Simple Gutter Maintenance Tips During Winter

Most homeowners agree that fall is the best season to maintain your gutter system. If you weren’t able to do so last season, however, it’s never too late to check its condition during winter to make sure it’s still doing its job to protect your home.

Simple Gutter Maintenance Tips During Winter

Kroll Construction, one of the trusted roofing contractors in the region, shares some maintenance tips:

Keep Your Gutters Clean

While this task can be a nuisance, it’s the most important thing you should do for your gutter system. Make sure it’s free of leaves and dirt so water can flow freely into the downspouts. Check the corners and junctions where debris usually accumulates. To eliminate the need for gutter maintenance, we suggest installing GutterGlove® to block debris out of the gutters, thus keeping the system clean and clear.

Schedule Regular Inspections

Apart from removing clogs, it also pays to inspect every part of your gutter system. First, examine the downspouts and see if water is being directed at least 10 feet from the foundation and doesn’t pool. Then, check if the gutter spikes are firmly holding the gutters. There should be no gaps between the fascia and the gutter. 

You should also look for signs of rotting, staining or other water-related damage on the fascia and siding. Doing so will also help you identify if your roofing system has problems that need to be addressed.

Hire a Professional

Gutter maintenance requires the right tools and knowledge to do it safely. If you haven’t done this before, then it’s best to leave this job to professionals. They will clean the system thoroughly and make the necessary repairs so your gutters will keep your home protected throughout the harsh winter months.

For all your gutter and roofing needs, Kroll Construction is just a call away. Get in touch with us at (888) 338-6340 for more information about our products and services. We serve homeowners in Detroit and neighboring areas.

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