A Guide on Loose Gutters: Signs and Causes

One of the most important parts of your home is your gutter system. It helps direct water away from your home, preventing moisture damage that may compromise your home’s overall structure and integrity. Over time, however, your gutters may become clogged with leaves, dirt and other debris. Not only will this make draining runoff difficult, but it may also cause your gutters to come loose and pull away from your home.

Loose Gutters

To ensure your gutter system is in great shape, Kroll Construction explains why you should keep an eye on these common signs and causes of loose gutters. 

Signs of Loose Gutters

You know your gutters are about to come loose if you notice any of these signs:

  • Leaks – If you notice dripping water from the bottom of your gutters, they’re likely clogged. When your gutters are clogged, water may leak between them and the fascia board. You may also see water running down a wall or flowing over the front lip of the gutter. 
  • Sagging – Gutters are supposed to look straight along the roofline. However, if you see a gap between your gutter and your house, or your gutter has a slight dip or a kink in one spot, chances are it might be sagging. Be sure to hire a professional to have gutters resecured with new hardware.
  • Loose Gutter Screws – Also known as gutter nails or gutter spikes, gutter screws refer to the big nail that goes through the gutter and mounts the fascia board. While you can fix loose screws by hammering or screwing them back into place again, the holes may eventually wear out. Moreover, rusting gutter screws can also break at any time, making them a safety hazard. 

What Causes Your Gutters to Come Loose?

There are many reasons why gutters come loose or detach from the fascia boards. It could be a result of any of the following:

  • Improper Installation – One of the common reasons why your gutters can come loose is because of improper installation. To make sure your gutters perform their function properly, you need to leave the installation work to professionals.
  • Drainage Issues – Gutters should be slightly pitched or sloped to allow runoff to flow toward downspouts. If you see standing water collecting on one side of the gutter run, it’s likely that it’s not properly pitched. Get in touch with your local gutter experts to recalibrate the gutters and reattach the hangers.

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