5-Inch Gutters vs. 6-Inch Gutters: Which Is Better?

Bigger is always better. This is how the saying goes. While not necessarily true for all things in life, this is usually the case when it comes to gutter size. While 5-inch gutters are a great choice, especially if you live in a climate that doesn’t see too much rainfall, it is better to get larger, 6-inch ones. One of the top roofing contractors in Detroit explains why.

5-Inch Gutters vs. 6-Inch Gutters: Which Is Better?

They Are Easier To Clean

If you are one of those people that enjoys climbing up the ladder to scoop up leaves and other debris from your gutters, then congratulations. You are a rare breed. But if you are like most people and dread this tedious and sometimes dangerous household chore, then 6-inch gutters are for you. With 6-inch gutters, the debris buildup that causes clogs is so much easier to get rid of. The one-inch size difference may not seem like much, but believe it or not, it can really make a world of difference.

They Have a More Striking Appearance

Aside from practical and utilitarian reasons, opting for larger gutters have aesthetic benefits as well. Many roofing contractors companies will recommend 6-inch gutters, not as an upsell, but to give your home a more impressive and robust appearance.

They Protect Your Fascia Boards

Most gutters will be mounted on fascia boards, the long, horizontal boards that run along the lower edge of your roof. An average fascia board will be between three-and-a-half to five-and-a-half inches in height. If you get 6-inch gutters, your entire fascia will be covered and, therefore, more protected from the elements. 

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