How to Hide Unsightly Downspouts

The gutter system’s downspouts of your roofing play a significant role in routing rainwater away from your home’s foundations. They can either make or break the overall visual appeal of your home’s exterior. Here, we’ll share easy ways to hide the unpleasant downspouts to keep your place neat.

How to Hide Unsightly Downspouts

Utilize trellises and greens. Trellises can fit around vertical items which can easily conceal your downspouts as they add visual appeal to your home’s exterior. You can also use tall and leafy plants as well, with the flower pots of your plants catching the downspout overflow.

Rain chains. These are ideal to use when your downspouts are connected to a permanent awning. From spoons and flower pots to metal teapots, there are several materials to choose from when you decide to DIY your rain chain. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rainfall, roofing contractors would discourage you from using these but normal or heavy-duty downspouts are much better in handling constant heavy rainfall.

Paint it. Another inexpensive, yet fun and creative way to hide your unsightly downspouts is by painting them in a color that blends in. It can be the same shade as your siding or roof, as long as it doesn’t contrast with your home’s color scheme. This wouldn’t be costly because you can do the job yourself and avoid paying for labor.

Replace it. Should your downspouts get knocked out, this is an option worth considering especially if the rest of the gutter system is still in good condition.

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