5 Ways to Keep Raccoons Off Your Downspouts

Raccoons that climb up your downspouts often leave dirty paw prints that are easy to see on white aluminum. Not only are these animals making a mess of your house, but they are probably looking for a way to get in and turn your attic into their breeding ground. To deter these critters from doing so, consider these tips:

 Keep Raccoons Out of Your Downspouts

1. Trim tree limbs. Tree branches that are growing over your roof need to be cut back. They give the raccoons a way to get onto your roof. Also, by doing this, leaves, twigs and other debris won’t pile up on your roof and gutters and cause them to get clogged. One way to keep debris out of your gutters and downspouts is to make it harder for it to get in.

2. Pest-proof your trash cans. Your outside trash cans should have lids that are hard for animals to open. Raccoons look for food everywhere, even in trash, so putting your trash cans close together can help keep raccoons from coming onto your property.

3. Attach anti-raccoon baffles. Raccoons are often attracted to places where they can get water, especially in the downspouts. They can get into your home, attic or soffits by climbing up your downspouts or entering through the roof. A baffle is something that is put at the end of a downspout to keep raccoons from getting in. It can be made of metal, plastic, wood or concrete.

4. Keep pet food indoors. Raccoons are mostly active at night. If you often leave your pet’s food and water outside, you might want to stop. Once these animals figure out that there’s food on your property at night, they’ll keep coming back. If you keep food and water inside, raccoons won’t have a reason to drop by at night, and possibly find their way onto your roof as well.

5. Install pest guards. Pest guards are made with nails, spikes or wire to keep animals, like raccoons, away from your gutters and tree limbs. The guards are wrapped around trees and downspouts, and if a raccoon tries to climb over them, it will get poked. To avoid accidents, make sure that young children cannot reach these.

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