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5 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Replacement

Most people replace their roofs only once, which is why homeowners need to prepare for their project. This major investment can have a significant impact on your home’s comfort, durability, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. Kroll Construction, the leading expert in Detroit roofing, presents five most important things homeowners need to know about roof replacement:

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Features of TruDefinition® WeatherGuard® HP Shingles

For the discerning homeowner, it is not enough for a roofing material to be beautiful, as it should also be durable. While there are numerous options advertised as strong and long-lasting, only a select few can measure up to the toughness of Owens Corning® TruDefinition® WeatherGuard® HP Shingles. Let Kroll Construction, one of the trusted roofing companies in Michigan, explain 

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Why You Need a Roof Inspection After a Hailstorm

The weather is at it again, with West Michigan residents getting the worst of a hailstorm that passed through the area last April 29. Imagine having rocks of all sizes thrown at your roof continuously for a good fifteen minutes. That’s enough to damage homes and vehicles and even cause injuries.

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