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Bay and Bow Windows: What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for replacement windows that can dramatically boost your home’s curb appeal, let in lots of natural light, and have some extra useable space – all without changing anything structurally – then consider bay or bow windows. While being two distinct window designs, the terms “bay” and “bow” are often used  interchangeably, and in this blog, Kroll Construction 

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Stuck on Wood: Why You Should Switch to Vinyl Windows

Among window types, one of the most problematic is wooden windows. Though they are beautiful, they cost a lot to maintain. Also, wood is no longer ideal in different climates. Hotter conditions can make it expand, warping the frame. Colder climates can lead to moisture damage, causing it to rot. Here at Kroll Construction, your expert window company in Michigan, 

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Why Window Replacement Is a Worthwhile Investment

Replacing your old windows won’t only maintain your home’s charm; it can also boost comfort levels and thermal efficiency. Some homeowners, however, stick to traditional wood window replacement rather than trying more durable types of windows. At Kroll Construction, we use vinyl replacement windows for better and longer-lasting window solutions.

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