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Most homes in the U.S. have been built with “contractor” grade windows that are made for low cost, not excellent performance. In most cases these window are wood-framed with a single pane of glass and no thought of energy efficiency. As a result, the energy used to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer is easily transferred through the window, costing you both money and comfort.

Advances in Window Engineering

Kroll Construction offers you Michigan replacement windows for your home that are specifically designed to provide maximum energy efficiency through our region’s wide range of weather and temperatures. Our windows offer the following features and benefits:

  • Energy Efficient – Our windows are engineered for the ultimate in energy performance, combining advanced materials with superior manufacturing techniques to create a window that will keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Maintenance Free – You’ll never need to scrape and paint our window frames! They are made of long lasting materials that retain their shape, color and strength for as long as you own your home.
  • Thermal Glass – Double- and Triple-pane low-E energy glass are sandwiched around layers of a specially formulated inert gas mixture that virtually eliminates heat transfer through the window.
  • Window Frame – While some replacement windows offer energy-efficient glass, but our windows go farther by building the entire frame and sash assembly with high-strength, low conductivity materials to help retain heat and keep your home weather tight.
  • Screens Included – All of our windows come fully equipped with custom fit screens so you can safely allow natural ventilation of your home during warmer months.
  • Tilt-In Convenience – Our windows tilt-in with a touch for easy cleaning both inside and out, without the use of a stepladder!
  • Curb Appeal – Expansive glass area and an attractively finished frame make our windows a beautiful new addition to your home.

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

Any replacement window you purchase should come with a label from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). The NFRC conducts independent tests to measure several aspects of a window’s thermal performance.

When reading the label, pay particular attention to these measurements:

  • U-value measures how well a glass system prevents heat from escaping. The lower the U-value, the better the glass system.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight.
  • Visible Transmittance (VT) measures how much light comes through a product.
  • Air Leakage (AL). The lower the AL, the less air will pass through cracks in the window assembly.
  • Condensation Resistance (CR) measures the ability of a product to resist the formation of condensation on the interior surface of that product.

One of the largest single components in a window unit is the glass. There are many types of glass available, from single pane to multiple layers. It is critical that the glass in your new windows offer the best insulation to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

The measure of glass performance is the R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating factor of the glass system. Our windows achieve a very high R-value rating.

Another key indicator is a window’s U-value. U-value measures overall thermal conductivity of the entire window unit, including glass, frame and sash. The higher a window’s U-value, the better the energy performance. U-value depends on:

  • Quality of the materials used
  • Type of materials used
  • Engineering and design of the window
  • Quality of assembly

All windows installed by Kroll Construction are engineered to insulate, achieving a low U-value.

Installation of Your New Windows

Selecting new windows from Kroll Construction is only the first step in the process of replacing your old windows. The quality of the installation is as important as the quality of the windows. That’s one reason that we employ our own installation teams to ensure proper fit and finish on every job.

Your windows are custom made to the dimensions specified by our window consultant who will carefully measure in your home. These dimensions are transferred to the factory, where your windows are individually sized, trimmed, assembled, inspected and certified.

Once your windows are ready, a Kroll Construction representative will call you to set up an installation date that is convenient for you. At least one adult (age 18 or over) must be home during the installation. Most installations of ten windows or less take just one day. We can install windows at any time of year, in almost any weather.

The day before your scheduled installation we will call to remind you that we will be visiting your home.

Before our installation crew arrives, please remove any curtains, drapes or window treatments from around your windows, along with attached hardware. Also, if you have photos or other items displayed on wall shelves, please remove them for safekeeping.

Our installation crew will arrive early in the morning on the day of your installation. Our technicians will remove your old windows and haul them away for proper disposal. Each window opening will be carefully prepared and measurements double-checked. Only then will your new windows be installed.

Because your new windows are custom made specifically for your home, they will fit snugly into the openings. Our installation technicians will secure and seal the windows, and test for any hidden gaps or openings. Then they will instruct you on how your new windows work – opening and closing, locking and the special convenient tilt-in features.

Upon completion of the installation, our window technicians will clean the job site thoroughly. A supervisor will make a final inspection of each window and the overall job site and ask you to sign off on the installation. The job is finished only when you are completely satisfied that the installation has met your approval.


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Kroll Construction did a fantastic job

“Kroll Construction did a fantastic job installing our new roof. They were courteous, fast and the job was excellent, including the cleanup after. We at extremely pleased and definitely would hire Kroll for any future projects.”

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