How to Prepare Your Home for a Siding Replacement

Your siding contractor is in charge of handling all the preparations for your siding replacement project. However, there are a few things you can do to prepare your home. 

How to Prepare Your Home for a Siding Replacement

Kroll Construction, your trusted exterior and wood window replacement contractor, lists them below: 

  • Clear your driveway – This will free up space for the dumpster and your siding contractor’s equipment. 
  • Park your vehicles away from your home – This is to prevent nails and falling debris from damaging your car. 
  • Remove all outdoor furniture – Remove lawn chairs, tables and plant boxes to prevent them from getting damaged and to free up space. 
  • Trim tree branches – Tree branches can get in the way of the siding installation process, so it’s best to trim them before the siding contractors arrive. 
  • Trim your lawn – Contractors will use a magnetic nail finder to remove nails and staples that fell onto your lawn while your old siding was being removed. Trimming your lawn can make it easier for the workers to find them. 
  • Remove wall frames and shelves – Expect a lot of shaking in your walls during the siding replacement project. To prevent picture frames and your other valuables from getting damaged, remove them away from the walls. 
  • Keep pets and children from the worksite – Construction noise can be stressful to pets. That’s why it would be best if you have them stay at your friend’s place for the entire duration of your siding replacement project. As for your kids, you should set some ground rules with them. 

You should also ask your contractor if certain fixtures need to be removed and if they’ll be prepping your wood replacement window and doors as well. Remember: A siding replacement project, or any home improvement project for that matter, is essentially a collaboration between you and your contractor. That’s why constant communication is vital to your project’s success. 

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