Know Your Roof!

The more you understand about your home’s roof the better you’ll be able to make an informed buying decision. A new roof is an important investment that should last you many, many years if you choose the right materials and best Michigan roofer– Kroll Construction.

Your Roof Has Many Parts

Although you may think of your roof as one big cap on your home, a roofing system consists of several components, all of which must work together to provide the best protection against the weather.

  • Roof Deck – This is the flat panels that are attached to the rafters of your home and form the base layer of the roof itself. Usually made of construction-grade plywood.
  • Underlayment – Specially made felt paper or rubber membrane is installed on all exposed roof decking. There have been technological advances that have upgraded this component resulting in greater strength and breathability, which prolongs the service life of wood decking.
  • Ice and water shield – This component is critical for watertight integrity in critical roofing areas, usually along the roof’s edge. The leak barrier is installed a minimum of 6 feet up your roofline from the edge of the roof at gutter/eaves (which is code), down valleys (where two roofing planes intersect), around the chimney, at the intersection of a roof plane and a vertical wall, and around any penetration through the roofline (soil stacks, vents, fans, skylights, etc).
  • Starter strips – Another critical component, the starter strip is specifically manufactured for installation at all edges of your roofline to prevent wind and water intrusion under shingles.
  • Shingles – These can be asphalt (most popular), fiberglass, tile, wood or slate. All shingles should have a written manufacturers warranty against defects.
  • Flashing – Flashing is metal or copper seals that are placed around vent pipes, chimney or other protrusions to prevent water from leaking through a gap between the object and the roof. Also used in high volume flow areas like valleys and joints.
  • Ventilation – Perhaps the single most important component of the roofing system in a temperate zone. Proper ventilation provides longevity to your wood decking and every other roofing component. Even more critical than this, proper ventilation helps to provide for a healthy home.
  • Shingle cap – An overlooked area, this special shingle is manufactured specifically for different grade of shingles. It covers the peaks of your roof, enhances the roof’s look and validates the system’s warranty.
  • Warranty – It is only as good as the company behind it! Warranty options available in the marketplace vary widely. NDL (no dollar limit) warranties are the best available because the manufacturer pays for labor and material at no diminished value.

The Most Important Component: Your Michigan Roofing Contractor

No matter how good the quality of your roofing materials, the most important factor in a successful job is the quality and experience of the roofer you choose. Here are some questions to ask to see if your roofing contractor is qualified to do the job and if they will be easy to work with:

  • Is the installer open to discussion about your requirements?
  • Does he offer design help and suggestions?
  • Is he knowledgeable about all roofing products including features, benefits and warranty?
  • Does he carry the necessary licenses and insurance coverage?
  • Does he return phone calls?
  • Will the roofer provide a list of references?
  • Is the roofer certified by roofing materials manufacturers?
  • Does the roofer have a good track record in the community?

Get a Written Estimate

Your Michigan roofing contractor should provide you with a written estimate that includes:

  • Description of work to be done
  • Specific materials to be used including product names and order numbers
  • Price including all materials and labor
  • Payment schedule or financing information
  • Time schedule
  • Clean up, debris removal, condition of the worksite
  • Installer’s warranty policy or guarantee of work
  • Responsibility for permits if applicable

Quality of Installation

As good as the roofing system’s components are, installation is always the most critical element.  Here is what you should expect:

  • Tearing off an existing roof is a form of demolition.  Therefore, you can expect some vibration, noise, and possibly some dust.  Before work begins be sure to remove any fragile or delicate items that may fall from shelves, walls and ceilings from vibration.
  • Take the same precautions in your garage.  You will want to remove your car from the garage as the roofer will probably need to use the driveway to stage materials.
  • The roofer will need access to a power source for equipment such as electric saws, etc.
  • Patio furniture, grills and potted plants should be moved out of the way.
  • Landscaping, shrubbery, etc. in the fall zone should be protected with tarps.
  • All roofing debris should be removed from the site on a daily basis.
  • Satellite dishes and antennas will be removed and replaced in the same location to allow for the roofing process.  If professional re-alignment is required, it is generally the responsibility of the homeowner.
  • All hard surfaces (driveways and sidewalks) should be swept on a daily basis.
  • The entire work area should be magnet swept upon completion to pick up dropped nails, etc. It is helpful if you mow the lawn the day before the project starts.
  • All gutters should be cleaned of all roof related debris.


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Kroll Construction is an excellent company!

“They pride themselves on quality and service and do not disappoint. We recently replaced our roof and are most satisfied with the workmanship and attention we received. It was refreshing and unusual, to have at least three people call back within fifteen minutes if we had a question.”

Mariette G.

Kroll has done several projects for me.

“I always have good experience with the company. The most recent one was a new roof. From obtaining the quote to finishing installation, the process was quick and easy. I appreciate their expertise in the field, fair and honest price, and excellent job quality.”

Fang H.

Kroll Construction did a fantastic job

“Kroll Construction did a fantastic job installing our new roof. They were courteous, fast and the job was excellent, including the cleanup after. We at extremely pleased and definitely would hire Kroll for any future projects.”

Thomas K.

Garage and house siding looks excellent!

“Garage and house siding looks excellent! Gutters, awnings fantastic job.Would not hesitate to call again for any other improvements.”

Vic R.

The job was scheduled and completed quickly.

“Throughout the entire process, Scott was available and response to all my concerns and questions. I give Kroll Construction an A+ and highly recommend them to anyone needing a roof. ”

Ken F.

I would highly recommend Kroll

“I was very pleased with the whole experience; the contract of work to be performed, the actual roof installation, clean-up and now several months later, the performance of the roof. I would highly recommend Kroll for your roofing job. They said what they were going to do, did what they said, and exceeded my expectations. What more could you ask for?”

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