The Keys to Free-Flowing Gutters All Year Long

Functioning gutters prevent flooded landscapes around your house, basements and other interiors. Their key purpose is to direct water away from the home and not cause any damage. Water affects your roof’s structural integrity as well as the foundation of your home.

As a general rule of thumb, you should ask professionals to inspect your gutters at least once a year. There are some maintenance tasks you can do, though, to keep your gutters working all year long. Kroll Construction, your trusted gutter and wood window replacement expert, discusses them here.

The Keys to Free-Flowing Gutters All Year Long

Clear Out Your Gutters

You should do this more than once for the best results. Clutter can cause water to overflow from your gutters onto the ground or flow back up onto your roof. You should only try to clean your gutters if you live in an accessible one-story home.

Even then, gutter and¬†window replacement providers advise exercising caution as some gutters can be hard to access using ladders. Remove debris that prevents water from flowing down the gutter into your downspout. In the fall you can remove leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris fallen off trees. Make sure that critters haven’t nested in your gutters.

Prevent Ice From Forming

If you live in the northern United States, it’s a good idea to clean your gutters again before December. Any debris blocking your gutters could lead to frozen water that can expand into the edges of your roof. Ice can become lodged into cracks on your roof and between shingles. The warm air from inside the home can melt the ice which can flow inside your roof. Over time, this can cause roof leaks and serious structural damage. Plus, ice can cause your gutters to crack and pour water onto the ground below rather than away from the home.

If you cannot do these tasks yourself, hire your roofer or wood window replacement expert. Kroll Construction offers professional gutter maintenance.

Our functional gutter system redirects water to flow off your roof and away from your home. This preserves the structural integrity of your Detroit area home. We are happy to serve homeowners in Detroit, MI, and surrounding areas in Michigan. Call us at (734) 999-1022 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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