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Vinyl Siding: Its 5 Advantages

If you’re planning a siding replacement project, it’s understandable if you feel like you want to explore what are your options in terms of materials. In fact, you’ll be pleased to learn from your siding and roofing company that you have a wide range of material choices. One of the siding materials that you can choose for your home is 

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Why Roof Ventilation Is Important

Expert roofing companies know that a roof is a system, and ventilation is an integral part of it. Ventilation generally keeps the air in the attic cool and dry. Ventilation happens when air flows from the intake vents to exhaust vents. The most common type of exhaust vent is the ridge vent which is found at the intersection of two roof planes 

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Your Guide to a Sustainable Roof Replacement

Roof replacement projects generate a lot of waste. According to the NERC-Northeast Recycling Council, approximately 10 million tons of recyclable shingles are removed from homes and buildings every year. This is why it’s important to keep sustainability in mind when having your asphalt shingle roof replaced. The following are some ways you can make your roofing project sustainable, and how 

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